International track

The International track of the Master Program is based in prestigious sites in Italy and France. Admission will be granted on a competitive basis and a limited number of fellowships will be available to support mobility of the selected students. The program is organized in four semesters:

  1. a first semester in Trieste at SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies) and ICTP (the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics) or, for the French students, in one of the Paris universities (courses in French);
  2. a second semester in Torino at Politecnico di Torino;
  3. a third semester in Paris at a consortium involving Sorbonne Université, Université Paris Cité, and Université Paris-Saclay;
  4. the fourth semester is devoted to a multidisciplinary Spring College and to a research stage.

Course plan for students enrolled in the academic year 2023/2024 (up to slight modifications):

First Year

Semester 1
(at SISSA & ICTP or at Sorbonne Université, Université Paris Cité, Université Paris-Saclay)

Semester 2
(at Politecnico di Torino)

Second Year

Semester 1
(at Sorbonne Université, Université Paris Cité, Université Paris-Saclay)

Semester 2

  • Spring College (12 ECTS)
    • 5 courses on advanced interdisciplinary topics (including out of equilibrium physics, biological systems, neuroscience, econophysics, nanophysics, network theory, financial modelling...) 
  • Internship (18ECTS)

For additional information see also ICTP and PARIS

With the financial support of:

Organizing committee:

Prof. A. Braunstein [POLITO]

Prof. A. Rosa [SISSA]

Dr. M. Marsili [ICTP]

Prof. D. Mouhanna [Sorbonne]

Prof. J. B. Fournier [Université Paris Cité]

Prof. Ch.Texier [Paris-Saclay]